5 Techniques that will Rule eCommerce Solutions in 2017

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eCommerce business has taken a new height with the evolution of the smart devices. The current trends sketch the significant growth of the eCommerce solutions.

Let’s plan our strategy to implement our marketing campaigns and optimize eCommerce solutions for 2017.

Accept the facts:

The eCommerce and mCommerce solutions are not new in the market. It has become part of our lifestyle. Let’s examine certain facts:

  • Fact#1: Era of Application, not innovation

We are dealing with the developed technical solutions which are accepted worldwide. Big players like Amazon, eBay, flipkart, etc. have developed quite advanced technology, smoothly running the eCommerce applications. The mobile integrated technologies have provided satisfactory results. It is an accepted fact and the scenario will continue in 2017 too.

The mobile Apps are capturing the commerce market. The digital and IT products are the topmost categories of products, purchased online.
GraphGraph of Mobile Share of E-Commerce
The trends clearly display the increasing sales through eCommerce and inclination towards mobile commerce. Building more sophisticated and secure mCommerce apps are required in 2017 to conduct commerce services without any abstraction.

  • Fact#2: Increasing control of Social Media

The social media’s impact on the online business can’t be ignored. The latest trend followed in 2016 was to get the shopping tips from the social networking websites and to find the websites offering maximum discounts and free products.

The same course will continue in 2017 increasing sales through mobiles.

The connectivity with the social media has stabilized the presence of the e-merchants and helped them to automate the processes in a way that both the click-through rate and the return increases.

It is observed that most of the online customers spend maximum time on social websites through desktop and now through mobile phones. The shopping tastes of online users are influenced by the social media.

Let’s accept this fact and get connected with the social media practices to increase sales and to build a greater brand in 2017.

  • Fact#3: Implementations of virtual marketing strategy

For 2017, one of the biggest predictions is that virtual personal assistants will rule the online selling process, which will assist the customers at every step of the purchasing process.

The process of one-to-one selling changed into online selling and most likely an automated system will rule the web marketplace where customers will get alerts of their favorite products to help them purchasing goods and services of their choice.

The marketing executives will help in answering online queries to assist in virtual shopping and to fine-tune the online sales process.

Let’s automate our online stores with sound backend technologies to adapt virtual marketing methods in 2017.

  • Fact#4: Implementation of Micro-Moment Concept

Micro Moment concept is to make the users purchasing path easier. Instead of following a three-stage path (user, website, third party payment gateway), has been fragmented into small and simple steps.

The information access, collection of necessary data, product selection and its comparison with the competitor’s product, the sales and payment information, and processing, all is done by storing your data in stages.

To implement such a self-managed process, an error- free database is required. In 2017, the eCommerce and mCommerce will be micro moment driven processes.

To a common user, the retrieval of information and the continuation of the surfing session serves as the biggest advantage. The customers feel secure and connected. As a result, they are relying on the online shopping more than before.

The micro-moment control is governed by your target customer. How impressed the customer is with your product? How is he connected to you? Where is, he situated?

All this information helps in the segmentation process. The micro-moment control process also notices the intention of the customer by monitoring his activities on the web. The user’s activities pattern will decide the process of service, products, and the respective offers.

The process to be followed in 2017 will be as:

  1. Develop a close set of friendship by knowing your customer.
  2. Collect the expected pattern of his / her behavior.
  3. Capture the local location.
  4. Recognize the mode of connectivity (Desktop or Mobile)
  5. Payment Methods Adopted
  6. Product and Content Behavior
  • Fact#5: Take quicker and focused decisions

Apart from shopping process, the prime concern of the customer is to get the ordered items in the shortest possible time.
The large companies are working on a process which can promise delivery in 3-4 days.

Amazon’s practice of online delivery with the help of drones is a bold step in this way. But this is a costly process and can’t be afforded for long distances and small stores.

If we analyze these processes, apart from customer oriented approach, we are moving to an era of an automatic process. The eCommerce or mCommerce must be the centralized activity which is faster than any other shopping methods.

To achieve this, many companies are building tie-ups with the local merchants and trend of pooling the products at a single online store is an upcoming concept to be continued in 2017.

The following guidelines are the most important for an e-merchant:

  1. Take the personal information of the customer and create its id in your database.
  2. Facilitate the purchase as much as possible by personalizing the order.
  3. Maintain a calculated record of customer’s behavior before trying a new solution to increase sales.
  4. Don’t rely on the outsourced results, Do the analysis by yourself to derive new patterns and formulate into results to increase sales.
  5. Every transaction is important. The satisfied customer’s and their repeated visits are the direct ratios of your growth.

Most important:

The important fact you should consider is that the customer should have a secure and smooth transaction from your online store at the affordable price. Your online store must ensure customer’s revisit. The blend of technology, representation of products, mobile user-friendly responsive design, easy transaction methods is obvious to be implemented.

The 2017 trend will be to deliver a service with a fresh wave of the first-hand experience of virtual sale. The business intelligence will take the lead in the technological front. More and more stores are going to implement these techniques.


The following guidelines will summarize eCommerce methods to be adopted in 2017 for a successful online venture.

  1. Learn every possible way to satisfy your customer’s need (Adopt fully Customer Centric Approach).
  2. Offer discounts and free products to increase sales and meet the completion. (implement Business intelligence based solutions).
  3. Facilitate the purchase as much as you can by building Locality Apps. (Go mobile, mobile).
  4. Reduce delivery time (Work on atomization of backend processes).
  5. Develop healthy and friendly relations with competitors. (centralized and transparent transaction process).

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