Agile Software Development with Virtual Teams Can Contribute in Achieving Great Success

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Agile Software Development with Virtual Teams Can Contribute in Achieving Great Success

With the increasing trend of becoming a global company, Agility is widely accepted model in achieving globalization. So, our company executives share the traits of applying Agile concept to build a strong virtual team.

Hiring of virtual assistants and setting their roles and duties in an organization is surrounded by myths. In this post, we are discussing the common myths about the virtual hiring.

Myth 1: There’s enough technical talent in the United States to satisfy demand.

By 2020, the United States will add 9.8 million jobs to economy majorly in technical and healthcare-related fields which will increase demand in an already strained industry. The competition to hire and retain technical talent already plagues some areas of the county. Some IT companies have hired people from the other countries because the US alone is not able to fulfill the demand. The same situation will continue and companies will have no option other than hiring virtual teams.

When a growing company lacks talent, it loses the momentum of growth. Proponents of leading virtual teams consider its use one of the major contributing factors in progress and diversification of IT industry.

Myth 2: Offshore development poses insurmountable security risks.

This myth represented one of the oldest and most often-stated myths about offshore development. While not entirely untrue, this statement is the exaggeration of a known fact: Sometimes you have to be more creative when managing an Agile distributed team.

Of course, the precautions are required to be taken to maintain security of data and applications but it is not so difficult. A trustworthy virtual assistant will formalize every process with proper documentation. Sourcing community references not provided by the company can be extremely telling about its past track-record of success.

Myth 3: Virtual teams don’t care about the quality of software

The software development is a tedious process. When it comes to maintaining high quality, a number of factors are involved, including communication and team coordination. The agile concept is helpful in bringing out the best of both the teams. Agile encourages teams to increase collaboration, expose blockers, discuss next steps, check assumptions and wise decisions. Time and distance are not the criteria for working with a virtual team. Slack, Skype and Google Hangouts are a few of the many communication channels available for distributed teams. These channels not only intimately connect teams much like sharing common space in the office but also serve as the official documents for daily work done.

Regardless of the office locations, a sincere team works to produce quality software by taking as their own prestige concern because the software market is based on reputation.

Myth 4: Virtual jobs are a career-killer.

The opportunity lies for employees of a company transitioning to a distributed model. The reality is, no developer will retire as a developer. They will grow in designation as per their experience.

For United States-based teams, it represents a chance to advance, lead and expand beyond just a technical skillset.

Myth 5: You can make distributed Agile software development work from any low-cost location.

Choosing the location of your virtual team is often one of the best predictors of long-term success and sustainability. Depending on the location of the main office, a virtual location can be set but these days it hardly makes any difference. The hired virtual assistant must be ready to work in the time slots suitable for you. From the very beginning, a minimum tiff for time should be maintained for maintaining the virtual teams.

Myth 6: The cultural gaps are simply too broad to overcome when leading virtual teams.

This myth seems to be totally irrelevant in today’s connected world where new partnerships grow through LinkedIn, Twitter, Quora and Slack overcoming cultural differences.Though, being able to find commonalities with your new team is important.

The virtual assistants are already in the frameset to cope up with the time. In countries like India,” work at night” culture is already adopted by most of the developers who are willing to work especially for the US companies. The flexible working hours can be worked out for getting the maximum benefits.

Myth 7: You should expect your remote team to work when you do, even if it means they work at night.

Organizations are powered by their people. They are only as strong and consistent as their talent is. Burning out your remote team won’t accomplish any of these objectives and may jeopardize your value proposition.

Cost is certainly one of the primary drivers of virtual development, but it’s certainly not the only reason. Finding the right talent is another. Combination of full-time and virtual assistants develop a holistic atmosphere in companies to maximize value and expertise via a remote team while still having the convenience to meet stateside. The right virtual team members will work to take your business to next level.

Companies can hire from the leading virtual companies to expand their operational reach, maximize productivity and reduce development times.


Competition for better software productivity is increasing. To meet demand, businesses must engage the best resources anywhere in the world to meet expectations and protect their market share.

No location, but rather value and the adherence to rigorous discipline is the determinant of successful technology development leading virtual teams. You just have to get the best for your company. You may contact our company for the accessing a resourceful pool of developers who can fit into your organization to work from a remote location!

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