APIs Prove to Be a Solid Foundation for Cloud Computing

  • July 3, 2018
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APIs Prove to Be a Solid Foundation for Cloud Computing

When you talk about the future technologies, cloud computing is on the top list to deliver web-based services. But while cloud computing has arrived, only through APIs will its full potential be realized. Companies such as Matrix Marketers have realized this fact and working hard to develop and implement high-quality APIs so that cloud technologies can be used to their full potential.

However, Cloud computing for the masses has been a new experience, since the web services started becoming popular only a few years back. Since the inception, cloud computing has come a long way, with Web 2.0 being the most recent evolution.

First, the huge clusters were created by Google for moving to the cloud world and building software with high fault tolerance, so that when machines would go down, the overall system would still function properly. Another major milestone in cloud computing history was the arrival of salesforce.com which pioneered the concept of delivering enterprise applications via a simple website. Amazon came up with a big brand in providing consumer services using eCommerce by creating a huge storage space for the computation and even human intelligence. And more cloud computing providers have appeared, each with its own approach.

No Cloud Computing without APIs

APIs especially designed for the Cloud computing strengthens the connections from cloud to various applications, whether you are allocating storage resources, placing a message on a queue, or remotely shutting down a virtual instance. The social networking sites are promoting APIs by having applications for sharing data, images, and videos. Twitter and Facebook are the best examples who make use of their APIs to provide the services to their consumers in masses.

But beyond social networking services, a majority of future features of cloud computing will be based on APIs, and thus developer-oriented, not user-oriented. The cloud computing users in bulk will access data and behavior using cloud APIs so that the cloud services can be utilized along with the traditional web services.

An Exciting Future

Over the last couple of years, there has been an amazing transition in Web 2.0. Content and services can be easily accessed using the cloud services.

Information, functionality, and services can now be delivered at the point and time that users want it. APIs are the foundation that makes this all possible, and this is nothing short of a revolution.

Whenever we talk about the cloud integration, a major issue of security comes in front, while designing APIs we must consider these issues. Some of them are:

• Compromised credentials and broken authentication
• Hacked interfaces and APIs
• Exploited system vulnerabilities
• Permanent data loss
• Cloud service abuses
• Shared technology, shared dangers

The APIs development for cloud must deal with all these security issues and ensure as safe access to the user. The application architecture now accesses the cloud services directly by the user login. So, any user who is authenticated to use an application has the access to entire data.

APIs and interfaces tend to be the most exposed part of a system because they’re usually accessible from the open Internet. The code reviews and rigorous penetration testing is required to be done before implementing the APIs.


To move forward towards the cloud, APIs need to be scaled and developed with a vision to survive with the high-end demand of cloud technologies. At Matrix Marketers, we develop web and mobile solutions with the help of such APIs, you may hire our developers to build the advance application to adopt cloud solutions for future use.

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