APIs Set the New Paradigm of Next Level Programming for Future Applications

  • July 6, 2018
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APIs Set the New Paradigm of Next Level Programming for Future Applications

Companies are always looking for new ways to increase efficiency and reduce costs while maintaining excellence in the quality of their products and services. A big part of cloud computing that IT departments and service providers increasingly look to is APIs to enable automation, in turn driving efficiency, consistency and cost savings. Matrix Marketers, a web development company, explores the future opportunities in this post to set the future trends for the IT business.

Enabling operational efficiency

The consistency of the API matters a lot for the driving the final outcome in achieving the automation of the company. Through automation, businesses increase the efficiency of the operational processes. Even when a repeatable task is well-documented with a clear procedure, when human workers perform the task it is likely that you will end up with varied outcomes. API approach is continuously giving challenges to the developers for bringing positive changes in the environment. The process-driven approach is replaced by the auto driven proactive approach.

Enabling DevOps automation

The dynamic systems that can scale up the fast delivery of the applications can be developed by the APIs. The API based system is used to maintain the resources such as finding the load on servers to reduce the cost.

It is observed that if the APIs are built and deployed with accuracy then it is likely to save cost and resources on hosting up to 50-60 percent in some cases.

Overall, leveraging APIs in favor of developer’s strategy is always a blend of optimizing for cost, for performance and the ability to have deep app-level visibility.

Using APIs to automate reporting

The APIs are now used for maintaining and monitoring the reporting systems as more and more data is driven by the applications which are not easy to maintain.

IT teams, therefore, need to think about how to make those datasets available efficiently in order to build a dynamic reporting engine that can potentially be configured by the end user, who will be the person that understands the nature of the information that he or she needs to extract from the data.

This is frequently accomplished through APIs. The ease of using and remodifying APIs as per applications allow you to process the data in different ways so that they do not have to go through a reporting team and do not lose any of the real-time value of their data.

API use in enabling business continuity and disaster recovery

The assumption that you’ll be able to access all of the tools that you would need during a disaster through the typical user interfaces is not always true. The APIs are having the advantage that it can utilize the resources and to some extent do the recovery from disaster. Humans make mistakes and processes become very difficult to maintain and update.

The future of APIs

The true potential of APIs is still to be discovered by the developers but its support and easy management methods are leveraging IT industry for a long time now. Some industries have legacy systems in making effective use of APIs.

The next generation of developers will definitely make a comprehensive use of the APIs and they will likely to be used as the main ingredient of the software development. To achieve this, API is well integrated with cloud applications, IOT and AI enabled techniques. As we see disruptors displace incumbent packaged software players and new entrants to the enterprise IT community.


By applying cloud solutions, APIs are able to develop new and innovative ideas. Businesses that want to innovate no longer need to make the large upfront investment in equipment to get an idea off the ground. If the APIs are selected then there is hardly any time in building the application. The developers must remember that the cloud implementation must be a complete solution not in the parts.

The companies like Matrix Marketers develop in the tech space, and enterprises increasingly search for new solutions and ways of working, At Matrix Marketers, we will be using more effective APIs to drive automation, consistency, and efficiency. It’s important that businesses work to stay ahead of the market and competitors by making full use of new API-enabled software and other technologies to fully realize the benefits and cost-savings that they offer.

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