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5 Resolutions in 2017

Over the past year, Salesforce has been on a buying spree, in 2016 alone they have acquired over 10 companies. But there are…
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Increasing your Assets by Managing Data

Data is only resourced to get competitive differentiation nowadays. The digital world is becoming too complex to run intuitively. The data is continuously…
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Android Nougat 7

Features of Android Nougat 7 in Google’s New Operating System

Google launched its new operating system in 2016 with some interesting features. Nougat is available on Google Nexus devices, with smartphones from other…
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Java Script Frameworks


In early days of web development, static pages were created. In order to create a response to your actions on webpage, a programming…
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cloud development

Explore Elements of Cloud Development and Deployment

When it comes to development and deployment of clouds services, we often come across terms like speed, automation, integration, and scalability. But how…
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Future Tech Trends, Let the Good Times Roll.

As we are stepping forward towards new year, some of the predicted future tech trends and changes in technology, which will be dominating…
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New Bootstrap 4.0 (Alpha) : Ready for Implementation

Bootstrap is ready to launch its new version 4.0. So, let’s get into learning the new additions and experience programming with Bootstrap 4.0…
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Wordpress Services

The Effective Way of Building Websites: WordPress Themes

WordPress has evolved into a powerful platform for building a versatile website. Easy and flexible, WordPress is now occupying appx. 22.45% of all…
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Bigdata Featured

Big Data Techniques continue to revolutionize storing methods in 2017

Big Data Market is expected to grow by 2 billion in 2017. As the market grows, enterprise challenges are shifting, skills requirements are…
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Swift 3.0 iOS Development

Swift over Objective C: Recent Addition for iOS Development

As the iOS Apps are becoming more competitive in the mobile world, a shift from objective C to Swift is the new programming…
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