The Common Mistakes Developers Make Using 3rd Party API’s

  • July 31, 2018
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The Common Mistakes Developers Make Using 3rd Party APIs

As the number of API based websites increase, it becomes a compulsion to ensure that the API based application runs smoothly. The developers are continuously working on this. The page loading time is a crucial parameter which decides the future of the application. In any case, it should not take more than 30 seconds to load a page. Matrix Marketers lists some of the challenges faced by the developers in loading third-party APIs

“Like a cache.”

It is suggested that you should build something like a cache and make sure it doesn’t run afoul of their API terms of use. There will be a loophole in the middle. But when you pull something from the cache, it is for the shorter lifespan. If you were to have the data for a week that would be thought of as keeping it, but if you were to have it in a cache

API is exceptionally poor, you’ll make your call, you’ll load your page. When you make the remote API, calls are for a widget it will hang for a second.

You’re doing everything you can to load a page quickly, you may get it down to 5 seconds then this is added to the mix and the page load time goes from 5-12 seconds.

Another thing is if you have any push with the people pulling the API, you ask them to push out their output as soon as possible, processing takes some time, so some places will build their response so it gets the input, works on the input, gets everything ready to go and then pushes out the output.

What it does is makes a handshake and says So if the transport of the data is 2 seconds and 2 seconds of hang time. This is where you push out the output as fast as possible. It’s also called ‘time from the first byte.

Handling many requests at a time would create an extra load on the app.

“There’s a lot of hang time.”

“These days you don’t see too much of that anymore.”

“I think that’s because they’re smarter with the way they move the packets around.”

“It seems that with the API the challenge is – how do we close the gap?”

“Well, the ways to do it are with the Object Flush which pushes out data sooner than otherwise. You’re in the same cloud.

I find that JSON is a lot more forgiving and sturdier than XML. With JSON you can push raw API results through your response. You don’t have to go through XML parsing, you don’t have to make sure the data comes through without any problems.

In contrast, XML is a harder format to work with and things get lost with the formatting. With JSON, every object, every array, is very flexible. Other formats are CSV, you can bring back CSV values and you can bring back finished HTML in some places and in some cases, that’s ideal.


In total, here are the seven mistakes developers make when working with 3rd party API’s are:

1.Not watching for client-side problems
2.Not caching your copies (or caching them for too long)
3 Your copies are not cached (or caching them for too long)
4 Not watching for hang time
5.Not being physically close
6. Not using JSON over XML
7.The last bit concerns legalities. If you have to bring it in and use it in an unaltered fashion, you want to work out how that works for you.
8.Another mistake which developers make is not testing their code. The testing is important but it takes a lot of time.

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