Creating On Demand App for Developing Maintainable Apps

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Creating On Demand App for Developing Maintainable Apps

An on-demand app makes use of same data that is used in selection app in aggregated form. An on-demand app is constructed by linking an on-demand selection app to an on-demand template app. Selection apps and template apps are the fundamental building blocks of on-demand apps. The developers of Matrix Marketers, a mobile development company focuses on these two building blocks to ensure the fast working of an app.

In the end selection and template, apps can be linked together. For this, both the templates must have common data fields that can be bound together.

The quality use of selection app is that it can be linked to multiple template apps, and a single template app can be linked to by multiple selection apps. But the template app’s data binding expressions must correspond to fields in the selection apps that link to it.

The selection app and template app are combined together with the help of a navigation link. On-demand app navigation links are created in selection apps. Once a navigation link has been defined, it can be added to the selection apps. App navigation bar as an on-demand app navigation point.

The benefit of generating on-demand apps having the same navigation point to select a combination of selected data in multiple apps makes the process of developing apps much faster and similar.

The pointers are used in single app navigation link to add multiple sheets in the same selection app. Once the navigation links and points of the selected app are created, the on-demand app can be launched.

Do the following:

Open an on-demand selection app and select Edit.

App navigation links selection can be done from left side panel.

Click the Create new button to open the Create new On-demand app navigation link dialog.

Name the new on-demand app navigation link.

Select an On-demand template app

The template apps listed in drop down are all valid apps. Write an expression that computes the total number of detail records that are represented by the aggregate records accessible by way of the selection state in the selection app.

The expression usually uses the SUM function to obtain a total of the records selected. The result is used to determine when the amount of data to load is within the range specified for generating the on-demand app.

Specify the Maximum row count.

The on-demand app can load the max row count value to set the upper limit of records which can be set by a function in Expression entry. Till the number of records computed by the row estimate expression in the selection app is higher than the Maxi row count value, the on-demand app will not be generated. To create the expression used for Max row count, the total record count must be known by computing from fields available in the selection app.

Mention Max Generated Apps

In selection app, the navigation bar can generate multiple selection apps. The reason for generating multiple apps is that each one can contain a different selection of data.

The navigation link maintains the number of max generated apps. If multiple navigation points are created from the same navigation link, then the total number of on-demand apps generated from those navigation points is limited to the setting for a maximum number of generated apps.

Retention time for on-demand apps

link can then be retrieved as per the settings were done. The on-demand app’s age can be defined as the difference between the current time and the time of the last data load. In the Default view when opened drop-down menu, select the sheet to display first when the apps generated from the navigation link are opened.

You must have permission to publish on the stream you select. To generate apps from the navigation link, you need to publish privileges on the selected stream. You can also select Not published (saved to workspace) to save the generated apps in the user’s workspace without publishing them.

• After the generation, the manual generation of an app can be done.
• Click Create and the new on-demand app navigation link will appear in the list of App navigation links.
• Drag the app navigation link to the App navigation bar on the selection app.
• Dragging the app navigation link onto the selection app creates an on-demand app navigation point.
• Click Done in the sheet editor.

The on-demand selection app can be published now. The ordinary users will have the option to generate the selection app from the navigation points on the App navigation bar in the selection app.


The companies like Matrix Marketers are still exploring the best ways to link selection apps with on demand apps to simplify the procedure to develop apps. The data fields play an important role in searching the app and exploring various features. Hence the navigation links should be drawn very carefully. In a nutshell, an experienced iOS or android developer is required to build an on-demand app. You can hire such an experienced developer from Matrix Marketers!

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