Dedicated Offshore Staffing is a Two-Way Process of Relationship Building

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Dedicated Offshore Staffing is a Two-Way Process of Relationship Building

To enjoy the benefits of an offshore development team, the company has to make up their mind and get clear visibility of the process of executing the work, Of course, there are communication issues but they can be easily resolved if certain precautions are taken. Matrix Marketers is maintaining a knowledgeable and robust offshore by delivering good software to be known as the company for its quality work.

In software development, we must remember that the size and name are not enough to get the future business, the quality work matters. Even the small and mid-sized companies like ours are pretty well doing their business and earning good profit.

Over a period of time, we have started providing best offshore staffing to the companies in the US with the candidates having exhaustive skills with desirable vision and suitable manpower to adopt IT culture. Such candidate is assets for the software companies – onshore or offshore, it hardly matters. If we practically see, there is no difference in onshore and offshore teams. It is the unique collaborative proposition wherein you get a team of professionals that exclusively collaborate as producing a quality product.

The offshore software development team is a dedicated team which is skilled and equipped to work precisely in line with project requirements, schedules and business hours. With its vast pool of experienced professionals from different domains and industry verticals, Matrix Marketers offers highly competitive options to suit your customized requirement.

The offshore development was initially started with the, and tiring efforts that are required in hiring competent people, buying office space and setting up infrastructure. You get an easy access to the most talented manpower and can virtually extend your team with a flexibility to align with ever-evolving requirements of your business.

Qualities in Hiring Offshore Staffing

Here we are discussing some of the qualities which are required to develop a team:

# Coordination and Compassion instead of Control

Maintain the control over the person to whom you are hiring, is an old approach. Now, offshore staffing is based on the fact of coordination and understanding the need of the other person. During the interview process, you must be strict enough but once the person is hired, his talent must be respected and the person hired must get a full respect.

# Chat and ask questions

Once the offshore team member joins the team, try to share as much information as feasible. And have a clear communication regarding his work profile, the type of project the person will be handling and encourage them to ask questions and interact with core team members.

# Meet face-to-face

Once the person has settled himself in company and gone through initial training, bring him or her to the U.S.-based office for a week so that personal relationships can be established, which will make subsequent conversations possible and will bring out the productivity and real talent of person out.

# Keep them involved

The offshore members always have a complain that the secondary treatment is done with them but we always forget that the person sitting 1000 miles away from us is working on the same project and at a much lesser salary because of the lack of opportunities he has. Tomorrow he can be your boss. The IT companies have seen this before with the companies like Google hiring their top officials from India.

# Implement peer review

It is observed that the use of peer review, increases the speed and capability of the offshore software development team. The speed is quickly geared up and a review by the senior team is taken to ensure the correctness of the coding. The offshore team also gets to review our core team developers’ work to further accelerate their learning. These reviews help in building a friendly culture among the global teams to start healthy conversations to take place on the work being done. This will enhance the knowledge of all the team members to ensure that the work being done is correct.


At, Matrix Marketers, Offshore Staffing is a rich resource to procure professional staff for your business, ideal office space without buying it or paying for its rent or even hire a complete virtual office equipped with relevant infrastructure.

The vigorous training is given to the offshore candidates by the industry experts guarantees to facilitate you with a talented and reliable team that relentlessly works for you, under your own command.

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