Gravity of Idea Building and Subsequent Step Wise Approach for Evolving Enriched on Demand App

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Gravity of Idea Building and Subsequent Step Wise Approach for Evolving Enriched on Demand App

In the IT industry, one of the growing business is the on-demand apps. The year 2016 has witnessed the success of numerous apps which is enough for the tech companies to make their attention divert towards on demand apps. Matrix Marketers, a New York-based mobile app development company has also tasted the success of developing on-demand apps and entered the market with its full potential in 2017.

Hence, we too have joined the group of on-demand app entrepreneurs, by creating and developing valuable apps to serve the society in a better way. Here, in this post, we are focusing on the importance of creating the idea to develop an on-demand app.

Afterall, validation of app idea to ensure it’s worth investing your time, effort and money is the must. Let’s explore the topic more in detail:

Coming up with a good idea

To build a great idea, it is better to switch off your internet and look here and there in the daily life to find an issue for which an app can be developed. The more unique the idea is, better the scope of success. It need not to be a big application, it can be a basic day to day task. The solution to this task through a mobile app can change your business value.

Additionally, there are many solutions to any one problem, so don’t get discouraged if you see an app or two solving a problem one way. Here are several examples of problem statements aligned with top apps:

• keeping track of classwork is complicated. The solution is to develop an app which can store one to all information of each student.
• keeping track of a fitness routine is tedious. The solution is an app that makes managing a fitness routine quicker/easier.
• I can’t keep track of the monthly expenditure. The solution is an app which will track your expenditure.

Once you get the idea to develop an app, browse through apps in the App Store. Check apps in the top charts and top categories that interest you to see what problems other people’s’ app ideas are solving.

Compare the features of Apple and Google store similar apps with your app features. While doing this, observe the world around you; think about what problems you encounter during these activities, what may be inefficient about the way you accomplish your activities or what parts of your routine repeat.

• Quora is also a good option to validate the idea.
• Attend meetups and hackathons
• Look at what’s getting funded
• Try to read the mindset of the entrepreneurs who are going to fund your app.

Researching and validating

Once you have come up with your app idea, it’s time to put in the research to validate it. This is a critical step that should not be skipped. To validate your app idea, do the following:

• Identify and analyze existing apps
• CrunchBase – did they raise funding? Raising funding validates that investors think the app idea is a good one.
• Use ASO tools– The results will be a solid proof and foundation to develop an on-demand app with a confidence that this idea will work.
• LinkedIn – Even if a company has not publicly raised funding, seeing that multiple people work at that company is a signal that the company is growing and at least somewhat successful.
• Check the keywords: Think of 5 keywords that may be used to describe your app idea and plug them into the analytics tools or Google’s latest trends to see the search results for those keywords.
• Ask potential users: It is important to take the review of the app. Here are a few ways to find people to survey:
• Ask public opinion directly on social media.
• Use Reddit and Twitter options to get the exact pole on the idea which you have built and contact to find reasons of giving a negative review.

Once the idea is finalized, check whether, on demand app idea, you have discovered is market fit, or how the features you have in mind resonate with potential users. To validate your app market fit, list down every feature and check its uniqueness by comparing with other apps. A good idea isn’t a valid one if you can’t make money from it (unless it’s for a non-profit or the government). Now get out there and start building it.

How will you get investment for your app idea? Here are several ideas:

• Kickstarter
• Accelerator/Incubator program
• Funding from friends/family
• Angel funding
• VC funding

Marketing of the App

Step one: determine your goals (e.g. I want 1,000 active users by the end of month 1)
Step two: determine your available resources, Calculate the numbers of hours required to run a marketing campaign.
Step three: define your marketing strategy
Step four: execute your marketing strategy
Step five: optimize your marketing

What does your product roadmap look like? If you plan to build an app and let that be the end of it, then you plan to fail. The second step is to find out that the app idea is worth in terms of spending time money and resources.


A clicking idea can be the foundation for developing an on-demand app so if you have such a unique and creative idea and you want to build an app on that then, entrust our core mobile app development team for shaping the idea into realistic app. Contact Matrix Marketers!

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