Implementing Bestselling Strategies for Building On – Demand App Market

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Implementing Bestselling Strategies for Building On - Demand App Market

The evolution of on-demand apps continues to roll on. As apps move away from being standalone platforms and are integrated into comprehensive mobile strategies, the companies like Matrix Marketers are gearing up to build competitive on-demand apps.

The on-demand app market is vast and the copied ideas do not add a value to the business. The on-demand app is a well-planned strategy to conduct a service-oriented business. The unlimited potential and tremendous impact of apps on a common man’s life has been recognized, and have begun to evaluate it as an essential part of the business. However, we must conduct a survey on the feasibility and market value of the on-demand app.

The major difference between the mobile app and an on-demand app is the staring of the app. The app development ideas were generated by the marketing companies based on the web application surveys and the mobile companies grabbed ideas and started building apps by hiring app developers. The iOS and Android platform were most common in developing the apps. The apps were promoted through the traditional marketing channels.

However, an on-demand app has a different strategy which has its whole new battleground for companies to scrap over. The organizations have to work hard to generate the idea first and then a strategy to deliver a service by doing a lot of backend work has to be done. Altogether, it has to be an exclusive experience for the customers and they must feel that a new service is provided to them.

On Demand App Market

The purpose of developing an on-demand app is the customers demand expecting an app to be a major touchpoint between them and their favorite services like shopping, ordering food, traveling, etc. In fact, 90% of the mobile users keep looking for such apps which can make their life simpler by just clicking on an app.

What is crystal clear here is that customers are not ready to accept any service which is already existing and not solving the issues of a common man. Let it be a simple task, the expectation from an on-demand app is to perform a service.

Obstacles in Developing On-Demand Apps

A common question while marketing is how to market the concept and convince people. Since people are now becoming aware of the on-demand apps, their queries have reduced and they are expecting some new services Thus, a new marketing approach with a sound functionality of the app is the criteria to come up with the new app. Some of the unique challenges which are faced in marketing on-demand apps are: addressing unfamiliar channels, targeting problems, understanding downloads versus users, app store rankings, and more.

To help you navigate the landscape of on-demand mobile app marketing, Matrix Marketers has the lineup with successive marketing strategies that are proven to be effective.

# Focus on KPIs specific to the app’s market

The marketing of on-demand app starts from describing the specific goals which are achievable, realistic and measurable. The methods of achieving this are purely based on customers demand and normally unusual. Normally, a marketing strategy revolves around the revenue and velocity but here we have to develop a target which is service oriented. These include app store rankings, organic and loyal user acquisition, cost-per-download, and app store optimization.

Since everything is changed, it is better to have a separate marketing team who can work effectively. In that respect, your app marketing goals should be unique. Yet they need to focus on those KPIs that can help in marketing quickly.

# Avoid getting pulled in too many directions

Since the on-demand market is still at discovering stage, many myths and fake strategies are there in the market. Different people will different views about the app and their suggestions would also differ, but you need to stick to a strategy based on the facts which can target the right audience. Not all the apps are for everyone. For example, a person having its own personal car would not be interested in a taxi app but at the same time, he could show his full interest in a travel or restaurant booking app.

# Market the experience, not the app

We have moved ahead of the era where apps were developed just for the heck of development or the prestige issue of big brand s to go mobile. The on-demand app market is beyond all this buzz. Today’s customer is not looking for a confused service rather he is willing to acquire a service for which he is ready to pay. For example, if a food ordering app does not deliver food in specified time, then it is of no use to the customer. Similarly, an ambulance app has to reach quickly.

So, here the app is selling itself by delivering the promised service. The customer experience is above any other marketing strategy. Market how the app will simplify users lives, not every little thing the app can do.

The strategy of marketing the experience rather than the app has caused customer experience to become a front-end activity with top most priority.

#Downloads do not denote success

The number of downloads doesn’t ensure the success of your on-demand app campaign. Beyond organic users, there is a type of user that is more valuable, the most valuable and those are your loyal customers.

A lot of time is spent in designing and developing the app, hence every download matters to you. Thus, ensure to apply such a strategy which directly hits the customers mind. Loyal consumers are the ones that are going to turn that download into revenue and a positive ROI and actually use the app and its features.

Loyal consumers at the end of the day, are going to determine the success and future of the app side to your business.

# Aim for tactfulness, not perfection

Measuring the success of app marketing strategies is different than measuring areas of traditional marketing for a few reasons. Mobile is new, and it also developing rapidly. That means what works today may not work tomorrow.

Technology and its ever-changing façade open new channels every single day. The best of today may not be the best tomorrow because there will most likely be a more efficient and effective way to relay information—just look at geo-fencing.

It is a much more valuable use of time and resources to research trending new techniques and compare them with your current practice. Then, compare the old with the new and choose those that serve your needs the best


It is beyond clear, at this point, that on-demand app is a critical component to the marketing mix and success of companies like Matrix Marketers who have just started with the on-demand business. Thus, we need to build pushing apps which can drive a successful venture. Of course, driving brand awareness, increasing revenue and even generating traffic is going to be the marketing activities but not the whole bunch.

The on-demand success will depend on your efforts to reach to customers heart with effective methods by solidifying the service provided. The necessary time, effort, and costs towards understanding and developing this new environment to the furthest extent must be spent by the companies to grab the grand success in an on-demand economy.

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