Importance of Open APIs in building Robust Retail Applications

  • July 4, 2018
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Importance of Open APIs in building Robust Retail Applications

The API based options having features and functionality abound in today’s POS software solutions has become much more important for producing robust software, The importance of the APIs is continuously improving especially when you discuss the importance of growing multi-store or omnichannel retailer. You can easily create the interface for the software with other critical software. Solutions that offer an Open API (or Public API) can be the difference between growing with ease or being hamstrung by your software. Matrix Marketers is a software company making effective use of open APIs and third-party APIs in its web application.

Let’s see the benefits of open API in this post and learn some of the features of open API. A Public API is used to have access to the proprietary software. APIs allow developers to access certain internal functions of a program. In the simplest terms, the API act as a communicator between the two software while exchanging the information from one another. They may be used by both developers inside the organization that published the API or by any developers outside that organization who wish to register for access to the interface.

Open API’s are available on free resources to developers, they are often backed with access to open data and they are based on an open standard that developers abide by. They allow developers to access backend data that can further enhance and upgraded for the API and application itself. Open APIs allow businesses to create new applications or connect applications without having to invest development time in starting from scratch. Not sure quite yet how it all works? Check out this cool video that explains how it works.

So, what does that mean to you? Well, at Matrix Marketers, we are developing an open POS software API. The end result is a growing list of key partners that we integrate with from eCommerce, marketing, and loyalty to retail consulting and payments

What if you use a platform or software that we don’t have an “out-of-the-box” integration with? Well, that’s where having access to our API comes in. You could hire a developer to build a connection for you. Or build an app that streamlines a specific process.

The open API is used in developing apps create an app that helps them identify items that are ready for distribution. Every time they scan an item, the app checks for website orders with that item that need to be fulfilled as well as in-store pickup orders that need a customer notification sent.

So, now you understand a bit more about API’s. As you work to qualify the right POS software system for your growing business to remember to ask the “Open API” question.

Retail APIs and Mainframe Implementation

The retail industry has fundamentally changed, and retailers need to provide unique in-store experiences to survive. There is an increase of about 56% of consumers who are more likely to shop at a retailer in-store or online that recognize them by name. Stores providing unique and personalized in-store experiences will continue to thrive, but they need to take advantage of their existing enterprise IT infrastructure and new systems of insight. By being agile and flexible in how they gain insight, retailers will be better able to adapt to changing environments and grow their business.

Today, most retailers host their core business support systems and applications on mainframes such as IBM Z, including 18 of the top 25 retailers. To stay ahead of their competitors, they need to digitally transform their business operations to increase revenues and improve the buying experience. API-centric commerce platforms and microservices, enterprise IT infrastructure, and personalization engines are now necessary components of a digital business, delivering growth and innovation in a digital commerce platform.

So, what’s your role in retail’s digital transformation? The developers will access, retail data located in data centers hosted by big companies which can be accessed by using mainframe carrying sales data, inventory, and historical data.

An app can also be built to access data through APIs built using the mainframe, and you’ll analyze buying patterns and generate recommendations to customers on their smartphones. These in-store recommendations increase revenues, and personalized touch points greatly improve the customer experience.


The Open APIs and the platform independent APIs are the latest way of using APIS for commercial web application. More and more focus is on securing the data which is associated with the account details of users or the organizational data. To have such an understanding and the flair of developing applications based on this concept, you may contact developers team of Matrix Marketers! We ensure to build your applications best on the best API strategy.

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