India is Emerging as the Next IT Hub and First Choice of Big Offshore Development Companies

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India is Emerging as the Next IT Hub and First Choice Big Offshore Development Companies

As business realities change, a number of companies are adopting strategies to Offshore to India & help control costs, stay ahead of the competition, and offer innovative solutions without compromising on quality. India has become a global hub for offshore back-office services as big companies in the U.S and Europe increasingly open their development centers, IT services, and other business processes in India. The companies like Matrix Marketers are enjoying the benefits of having an offshore development center in India.

A recent survey indicated that 80% of firms in the US and Europe ranked offshoring to India as their top priority. According to a recent survey, 70% of consumer support in the world is handled in India and global statistics indicate that about 56% of offshoring partnerships to India comes from companies in the US.

India has gained global confidence with major players opting to offshore to India because they are confident of gaining access to quality results, superior talent, low costs, and fast turnaround times. It also holds 65% of the international offshore BPO market, making it the leading country in providing inbound call center outsourcing services.

Here are the Largest US Companies that offshoring to India

CISCO – Offshore to India

The famous networking giant company invested over $150 million in structuring and expanding its technology development enterprise in India. Cisco has set up its 2nd largest R&D facility in Bangalore, India, hiring more than 1500 Indian technical professional. Cisco’s R&D Bangalore center was established to deploy new products and solutions, develop new technologies as well as successfully meet customers’ demand through providing technical support. Cisco also has plans to make more investments in India and leverage the skills of the Indian networking professionals.

The services in the research and development center include:

• 24-hour monitoring and response
• Technical support for all Cisco technologies
• SLOs for mean time to notify, isolate and to resolve incidents
• Collaboration with Cisco IT Tier 3 organization

The Bangalore development center is working as a center of new development and innovation where new products can be developed. Also, the customer services can be provided more effectively to Asian users.

American Express (Amex)

American Express (American Multinational Financial Corporation) is one of the pioneers of back-office operations & decided to offshore to India. American Express is operating in India from its Financial Center East in New Delhi. American Express also practices business process outsourcing when it comes to customer service duties. It partnered with companies from India to take care of customer service. The Spectra Mind owned by Wipro is the service center successfully running customer services.

Amex has tied up with Infosys Ltd, and Tata Consultancy services for IT operations where it contracts IT services, application development, and maintenance, and technical support. Amex is responsible for providing live chat support customer services and phone support services.

Apple’s office in Hyderabad, India

Apple is focused on making the best products and services in the world. With this intention and belief on Indian IT power, Apple has opened his new office in Hyderabad with the focused approach. The company is interested to open new centers in India at different locations. They have firm believe in the offshore model and more than 640,000 iOS app developer jobs are offered to young talent in India. Today, Apple leads the world in innovation with iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and Apple TV.

General Electronics (GE) – Offshore to India

General Electric invested about $130 million in setting up a big office in India, state-of-the-art research and development center in Bangalore, India. The India GE center has marvelous infrastructure ranked second best in the world. The center is also known as the best professional center in developing quality products. Over 2,200 engineers and scientists with chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, polymer science expertise and new synthetic materials work in the India center. GE also has an e-knowledge center in India to disseminate knowledge and technology developments to its business centers. Clients get phone support services, email services as well as live chat support services.

Microsoft – Offshore to India

Microsoft tied up with Infosys Technologies to open its worldwide IT operations. The agreement included specific services such as technical assistance, management of databases, software applications, and devices. The agreement covered over 450 locations through 104 countries.

Microsoft and Infosys have partnered for various projects at different locations. This deal saw Infosys enhancing their capabilities to help other customers leverage Microsoft innovations and adopt new technologies. Clients get technical support via live chat support services and Email support services.

Reasons why India has become the ultimate offshoring destination for big companies

• Indian IT professionals are most efficient and hardworking professionals in the world.
• India offers flexible pricing options for services
• India provides consistent premium quality services
• India boasts of the best in technological Infrastructure and capabilities
• The Indian Government offers attractive IT strategies to Indian and Foreign companies.
• Indian companies provide the quickest turnaround time.
• Unique time zone advantage making it easy to provide 24/7 services (Indian time zone is 5.5hours ahead of GTM and 10.5 hours ahead of the EST)

Offshore to India – The future

The marketing experts believe that India is the best destination for offshore development especially in the field of IT with the growth of 8–10% for the next decade. Additionally, offshoring efforts to India are held up as an efficient solution for concerns about both the government policy and labor force issues, such as intensifying costs and labor shortages.

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