Matrix Marketers: An Upcoming Name in Building on Demand Apps

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An Upcoming Name in Building on Demand Apps

Matrix Marketers is an app development company and coming up with a brand in on-demand apps. The simple question is “What makes it different?” In this post, we are discussing our strengths which have helped us to become a brand in on demand app market.

At Matrix Marketers, it was a topic of discussion with its industrial partners that a lot of people have launched On-Demand app for their business and much more looking to do so. They have a few things in common like an appreciation for technology and a desire to do things better, faster and more efficiently. But, there’s one thing that gives them an enormous advantage over other businesses is their views on Competition.

The following questions were discussed.

Is it possible for my competition to be my partner?”

Is there a way to better serve customers by working together for mutual benefit?

Is it possible to make what everyone is doing anyway more efficient?

With the right business model, technology, and agreements – possibly. Some types of businesses are easier to adapt to the On-Demand market than others.

Can Your Business Do On-Demand?

What can happen if you get a lot of people to work together?

There are many companies that started really small and got really, really big – really fast. Many online success stories like Uber, Amazon and many other are there who didn’t take much time to grow.

The aim of every on-demand service provider is to beat Uber. For that, the companies like Matrix Marketers relentlessly improve their core processes to get a competitive business model. It’s not your product, nor your marketing, necessarily. This is about your actual business model and making changes to compete in today’s business world. Ultimately, how closely you can understand the need of customers, that matters.

The On-Demand apps should be immediately ready to deliver goods and services to customers. This is made possible by software seamlessly integrating all logistics and delivery components. That software is an app that people can download and use on their smartphones. Almost everyone has a smartphone and they rarely leave home without it.

Today’s smartphone is more powerful than the computer used to put a man on the Moon. With it, people can order nearly anything, from anyone, anywhere, anytime. How long is the wait? Will they wait? Do they have to pick it up or is it brought to them? Will they pay more to get it faster?

On-Demand considers that time, comfort, peace of mind, convenience, security, even prestige are commodities. The value of each commodity varies according to each person and their circumstance. On-Demand is someone saying, “I’m so busy, I’ll pay you extra to bring it to me,” or “Just, take care of it!”

But – even if you can’t take care of it for them, someone can. And maybe you can monetize that. So, let’s look at two other big names in today’s Shared Economy.

Evolution of On-Demand Platforms

When we talk about an on-demand app, it is helpful to keep the general evolutionary framework associated with all startups in mind. It is a fact that all business apps like or unlike Uber or Airbnb have to go through the 4-stage development process (Discovery, Validation, Efficiency, Scale). the case for a clear understanding of these stages is much more important. The question then becomes that are we aiming to do a business which will be using a large setup and building the highly optimized framework for gaining small benefit? The focus should be on this question while building the on demand app service. Definitely, we look for an exponential growth in our business. That is the purpose of developing such a service. At Matrix Marketers, we adopted this approach to showcasing the exponential growth in our business.

But what really contributed to the success of on demand companies?

Amazon, Uber, and Airbnb opened the door and made it pretty easy for “their competition” to participate in their business.

On-Demand apps are technology enabled, mobile apps to run on smartphones. This technology makes a lot of complex things very easy – for you and for your customers.

If you are not a specialist in mobile tech, you may find it difficult to see how. We really hope to change that for you.


Matrix Marketers is an upcoming name in the market of on demand apps. If you are planning to build an on-demand app, you may hire our expert developers or you may contact us for developing competitive on demand app for your business

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