Myths and Facts About Offshore Software Development

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Myths and Facts About Offshore Software Development

Offshoring can be thought of as an extra hand for your business. Offshoring lets you shift from a people-focused model to a system-focused model. Companies like Matrix Marketers are getting comfortable outsourcing tasks as it allows them to take advantage of the lower costs. There are many advantages of offshoring and companies are starting to have more confidence doing this. More than 60% of the total offshoring market is composed of IT businesses, yet the industry itself faces some serious accusations. In spite of the misconceptions and bad reputation, offshore development has never been so popular like recent years. In this post, Matrix Marketers team discusses some stereotypes about offshoring web development that proves that these misconceptions have no ground at all.

# Offshore Development is illegal

This is probably the most frequently discussed misconception about offshore companies. Different parts of the world have their own regulation; one standard rule might not be the case for everyone. But when it comes to the web development industry, everyone is following the same standard.

But keep in mind that there are some questionable offshore development centers who don’t follow the standard working procedure. So, in order to keep yourself safe and to stay within the legal bounds, you have to be familiar with the team you are working as offshore partner.

What you need to check?

• Team structure
• Project handling capability
• Team Coordination
• Individual Skill sets
• Prior experience of team members

# No Control on Offshore IT Projects

Nowadays people are always connected with each other, thanks to modern media and communication apps. No matter what the distance is, you are always one click away from your team. It is always good practice to know full details about your team so that you can get an idea of what you should expect from them. Project management tools can be very helpful and necessary in order to get things done in a structured way.

But the software cannot do 100% of the work. Take a look at some of the points mentioned here in order to manage your team fluidly. You can always come up with new system that will suit you more.

• Hire a manager who can report you on daily basis
• If possible, pay them a visit
• Give them a surprise day off once in a while.
• Do mention their good work
• Mix and match work intensity
• Keep track of your time to understand who is working better in your project team.

# Requires Substantial Capital

This is undoubtedly the most ridiculous reason not to offshore. The core concept of offshoring is reducing cost. Some processes would cost you a substantial amount of money which restrain you to do in-house. Some people argue that there are hidden costs in offshore projects. But the blame for such practices cannot be imposed on one party. Suppose a client raises the demand of adding more functionality in middle of the project. In such situation, what can a service provider company do? Most commonly, they hire new developers in order to finish the project in time and as a result the project price would naturally increase.

So, what can you do as a client to make this a win-win situation –

• First of all, you have to be certain about your requirements before signing the agreement.
• Get an idea about the whole cost of your service provider company
• Keep a shared spreadsheet of your cost and tell your service provider to update that time to time, if needed.
• Make a solid agreement and make sure you are thinking it through.

# Work at Lowest Price

When companies try to find the lowest service provider often times they forget about their end goal which is the quality work. Along with cheap price companies often demand their project in a minimum time period. As a result, companies face hard time juggling between time and resource, reason being in order to finish the project they need more programmers but they don’t have the budget for it because they also have to keep price in check. More workers mean more costing which will ultimately increase the price of the service.

What can you do is –

• Do some calculations to find out the value you are getting against your investment
• Be sure that you are willing to trust them with your project and money
• Set up meeting in order to understand their point of views

# Time Difference Can Hamper Project

The time difference could be good in web development, software development; the tech industry in general. For instance – you are an e-commerce business and for maintenance purpose, you need some time off when you can’t afford too much traffic. In such a condition, you can manage work with an offshore team, because in off pick hour your office employee won’t be available. But it is morning in other parts of the world and the offshore team is ready to provide service.

# Offshoring is Only for Big Companies

Big companies are normally blamed to do offshore development at large scale but that is the simple reason for acquiring that state. They are in today’s state because of offshoring. In a broader perspective, offshore development can be treated as the way to jump several steps in gaining success as an IT company but is it is wisely done.

# Offshoring Drags Time and Causes Overpays

It is a widespread misconception and it becomes even scarier if you combine that with “offshore teams are hard to control”. But we have to take a closer look at the situation to get the full perspective. The offshore companies are always blamed to extend the project. In offshore web development industry, every company is trying to earn reputation and enrich their business. How can they deliberately cause delays?


The fact of offshoring is that before diving into it dip your toe a little deeper to know the facts. Offshore that part of your organization that can be handled remotely with partial development and with the help of your trusted offshore company like Matrix Marketers! We can even help you in developing an offshore team by helping you to hire the staff as per your needs.

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