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NodeJS Development Company Delivering Scalable Results

Compared to a decade or two ago, the landscape of programming was an entirely different playing field. Today, modern developments are driving further unification of web development platform. Instead of using outdated and inefficient programming methodologies, the paradigm has shifted towards JavaScript. Over the years, Matrix Marketers has adapted the changes and advancements within JavaScript as a programming language. A recent development, NodeJS development has become a part of our offerings. It allows us to leverage NodeJS to help businesses accelerate their existing models.

Why develop in Node JS ?

Node.js is a popular JavaScript framework for building scalable and robust server-side applications. At Techuz, we cater varied Node.js development services that help our clients to achieve their business goals. Some of them are as follow;

  • Node.js web development
  • Node.js application development
  • AWS Lambda microservice
  • Dedicated Node.js developers for hire


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NodeJS Customized Development

As a NodeJS development company, our aim is to provide unique solutions that not only fulfill your requirements but also feature a flair for creativity. To accomplish that, we can create or modify NodeJS apps.


NodeJS Web and Mobile Development

The same creative processes apply to NodeJS web and mobile development.


A Step towards Scalable Results

NodeJS is an open-source framework that uses an event-driven and non-blocking I/0 model. The framework provides NodeJS developers with a JavaScript, server-side development platform. It has rightfully gained popularity among developers as it allows highly scalable and non-buffering solutions. NodeJS also facilitates the utilization of cross-platform frameworks, allowing us to create applications faster. In addition to network apps and server tools, NodeJS is also used to create CMS formulation. The back-end system helps better management of data. Here is the process describing how we utilize NodeJS development to its utmost effectiveness:


Understanding the Goals

Before you hire NodeJS developers, they need to understand what your project is and what it aims to achieve. With the end result in clear sight, the process becomes easier. This step delves into that.


Developing the Solution

With an estimate quoted and the team on board, the next step involves creating a pathway to the goals discussed in the step previous to this one. Here, we figure out the technicalities, divide tasks, and determine what type of customization the project requires.


Delivery and Quality Assurance

Finally, our NodeJS developers use the roadmap to create new models using the framework. They utilize the various capabilities of NodeJS to make sure the end result is suited to your needs. Before finalizing the delivery, the product undergoes testing. This allows us to smooth out any knots and make last-minute adjustments.


Post-Production Support

Once the site, tool or app is finalized, our team ensures that the features continue working effectively.

Hire PHP Developers Dedicated to Your Needs

With a fully-functional, exceptionally talented team of PHP developers on-board, we can undertake a wide variety of PHP projects.


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  • Very easy to understand and is lightweight, so you can use it for any ajax based or single page application development.
  • It is secure so when security is the major concern, developers prefer it.
  • Coders need to spend less time in coding process.
  • Flexible, adaptable and easy to learn.
  • Angular JS can be used in any of your application and provides a full and robust way to create a web app and expands it in a matter of minutes!