Offshore Software Development Companies: Rich Resources of Talent

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Offshore Software Development Companies Rich Resources of Talent

One of the most confusing areas of going offshore is the offshore talent which can be an asset to the IT company. Leaving all the benefits apart, ask this question to yourself that will you be able to survive in the IT industry without having expert developers and the technology pioneers. The US-based IT companies such as Matrix Marketers have realized this fact way back and opted to start offshore software development centers in countries like India.

In this post, we are trying our best to list the benefits of having rich manpower resources and how they can prove to be profitable for a company based in the US and the companies based in India.

Offshore Company for Those Living in the U.S.

The requirement of the IT developers in the big IT companies is increasing as the market of IT and services are increasing with the rapid changes in the technology. If we talk about the in-house resources available in the US, it can fulfill only one-third demand and that too on very high prices. So, it should be clear that offshore software development is the need of the hour, not the personal choice.

Once the companies in the US realize this fact, the outside exploration starts Many countries are welcoming US companies with their open arms but countries like India are emerging in a big way.

The major reason could be the flexible government policies to the US companies to hire Indian talent. Over a period of time, the companies and consultancies in India have started training of the software developers to fit into the culture of US IT companies.

The offshore development model is beneficial to both the companies as Indian software developers are getting jobs in their dream companies and the US to work at minimum wages with less personal benefits producing better results and ready to work in the US time frame.

The US companies usually gain tax benefits and save on expenses like maintaining the big office in the US along with the required resources. The US company doesn’t pay for insurance and medical expenses.

The opportunities for the US employees in areas like marketing, administration and operations increase which the US people like most. However, the Steve Job’s policy explains some other benefits to the US companies and shows a brighter side of the offshore development.

Offshore Company for Those Living and Working in India

If you are living and working outside of the United States, the benefits of an offshore development center can be significant. First, it allows the employees to protect their personal rights as they will be residing in their own country working for the US company.

Software developers get the chance to work in the high-tech environment and adopt the global culture. Thus, their skills are always updated which ensures a secure future.

Thirdly, the chances of getting work opportunities motivate professionals to grow fast and the examples like Indian CEO.s of the big IT companies inspire the Indian talent to do more hard work. Since the talent and innovation are there in India, the quality products are developed which are good for the overall growth of IT.

The high competition spirit and to get a chance to work in big companies help the youngsters to become multi-talented which helps the offshore centers to earn more profit.

Team coordination and ability to sustain in minimum resources ensure the timely delivery and high quality of software. When the teams interact with each other, they can share their talent and learn from each other.

On top of all the discussions made so far, one goal of achieving globalization justifies the presence of the offshore development centers in India. The time has come when the US monopoly in software industry must be distributed among all the companies who have spent their day and nights for the growth of the IT industry and residing outside the US.

Why So Much Confusion on the Benefits of an Offshore Company?

So, why is there so much confusion about the benefit of an offshore company? Why do we, again and again, come back to the discussion that we should be doing offshore development or not?

The team of Matrix Marketers who themselves are doing offshore development with a development center in India and also doing the offshore staffing for other companies has studied the reasons and sharing with you all:

First, the offshore development promotors or the companies which are working for spreading the network spread the false information about the facts involved and often start comparing on parameters which are not at all in consideration on either of the sides. For example, a myth that the company can exempt taxes in India and also in the US.

Second, you read all the time how big companies like Google and Apple have billions of dollars saved from offshore development center and have to pay very little to the employees with no other expenditure. Why can’t you, the average guy or gal, set up an offshore company and do the same thing?

The US citizens start thinking that building an offshore development center in India just requires getting two or three orders of website development or app development and you become the entrepreneur. They will build an offshore division that makes money. But when they come to know the reality, they fall back and the trust of Indian company and employees with whom they tied up is lost.

Setting the Future Path

To summon up the above discussion, we can say that rather than counting on benefits and thinking on should we have an offshore development center or not? we should be discussing that how the offshore development center can gain the maximum business profit?


The onshore and offshore development has to go hand in hand to survive in the future. The companies which have realized this fact will enjoy numerous benefits in the future. The US companies need to explore huge Asian market and their specific needs and the Indian companies must be ready to learn US technologies in a more faster way so that they can advance in learning thereby maintaining their number 1 position in the world. However, for your nest IT project you may hire Matrix Marketers offshore team or you can contact us for offshore staffing.

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