Offshore Software Development and Staffing are Becoming Multi-Billion Dollar Industry

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Offshore Software Development and Staffing are Becoming Multi

Offshore software development has grown into a multibillion-dollar industry from its’ ordinary beginnings such as making sure to carry forward the legacy of software development practices. Many justified reasons are given for the tremendous and fast adoption of the offshore development. At Matrix Marketers, we measure the success of offshore development as the cost-effective high-quality model for countries such as India. The non-IT companies are getting influenced by the offshore development is due to the fact that developing such software in-house is very expensive. The non-IT companies of various domains such as education, banking, healthcare, logistics, finance, retail and more. At present, offshore software development has become a part of a development process for IT and non-IT companies. In this post, we are elaborating some of the facts which have added up in creating such a big success.

For companies based in the U.S., India is at highest priority to be chosen as an offshore development destination. India, as a leading country in Offshore software development destinations, has received many benefits and produced many CEOs and software experts for US IT companies. The trend still continues and the youngsters really work hard in learning new technologies and achieve greater success in their personal carriers as well as adding resources to the IT companies India has a plentiful supply of high quality IT professionals that have experience working with global clients.

After getting success by having their setups in India companies such as Microsoft, Oracle, Adobe, SAP, and others have dramatically scaled up their Indian operations. While India is very strongly placed in offshore development market, there are competitors coming up all across the world from China, Philippines, and Vietnam to Eastern and South American nations. Today, offshore software development is practiced in more than 30 countries to demonstrate the competency and lucrative nature of IT business.

Offshore software development of the different software platform has been increasing in recent years. There is a lot of scope for growth in this sector and it is something that is being added as a service for many offshore companies. New companies who move into this business will benefit from the early mover advantage as a result of the constantly increasing demand for new software development. CRM sector and enterprise software development are the upcoming demand is a high growth trajectory. The next few years will see a lot of action in this sphere.

Offshore software development is going to grow at a steady pace even though the global economy continues to remain in the doldrums. At Matrix Marketers, we provide complete offshore development for solutions for clients of any size.

Why is Offshore Development booming in India?

Sound Communication – This is a major concern of the IT companies in the US. In some of the countries like China, it becomes a bigger issue but India is the most favorable country as far communication is concerned. Moreover, IT professionals are given clear instructions by their clients about their requirement. They also keep in touch with the professionals online so that they can inform them about any kind of changes; thus, the entire project can be completed smoothly as per the client’s requirement.

Trustable References – Many US and Indian companies have already good tie-ups and working for each other. This mutual trust especially helps in offshore staffing. Moreover, to further develop the references, developers provide the clients with live examples which helps them understand the projects better and also suggest what changes or innovation can be done to the project. The professionals are able to maintain the industry standard.

Equally Satisfactory Infrastructure – Indian IT cities have the hub of offices and bunch of professionals who can deliver the latest technology for developing high-quality software projects. Moreover, many US companies have invested in India to have the similar set up as in the US.

Advantages of developing an offshore model:

The cost of labor or rather the salaries of the web developers are low as compared to the western countries. The companies get a great advantage on the cost; they get quality work and that also at a low price.

The companies also get the advantage of accessing various skilled resources. The companies can at one time get in touch with various skilled professionals and get their work done. They need not hunt for different persons for different works.

Most of the companies who hire the professionals from India focus on quality work and also new innovations. In India, one can easily get the quality manpower that provides work according to the industry rules.

The level of efficiency of the offshore professionals is excellent. The time consumed in solving the problems is less and hence the projects can be completed faster. Since the reliability and the efficiency levels are high there are minimal errors in the projects. The offshore projects are outsourced by the companies in the west because it provides excellent quality work and the performance of the professionals is worth mentioning.


When we see the growth of the offshore software development industry, we tend to trust in offshore staffing too which provides career opportunities to build a network of global IT experts by residing in their own countries. The offshore staffing creates a new culture of hiring people for the short duration of fewer liabilities freeing the new and small companies to do extra expenditures. For offshore software development and staffing, you may contact Matrix Marketers. Feel free to discuss your thoughts with our efficient team!

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