Offshore Web Development: Extra Services and Benefits for Startups

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Offshore Web Development

The project search, development, launching and marketing are the main activities performed by a software company. Not all the companies especially the startups have the potential to take care of all activities in-house. The team of Matrix Marketers found in a market survey that 90% of startups fail due to poor funding, lack of marketing strategy and expertise.

To avoid such s situation, the companies have started opening offshore development centers which can run on low cost at a distant location. The jobs normally done in the offshore companies offering a wide range of additional services are:

IT consulting. IT advisory is a multi-layered domain that deals with project management, computer technology and system analysis. The goal of consulting is to develop a comprehensive business strategy for your company.

Business analysis. An outsourcing business analyst forms the general concept of a project, defines initial requirements, addresses technical issues and sustains effective customer-to-vendor communication. A properly conducted analysis is the basis of any IT venture.

Code review and correction. The service allows you to determine and fix coding mistakes made during the initial state of software development process. Bad coding affects any tech startup, but it is e-commerce entrepreneurs who suffer the most .

Software testing. Software tests evaluate the functionality of a program. In order to conduct a complex analysis, two types of tests (static and dynamic) are implemented. Static testing reveals mistakes in coding and technical documentation. In order to perform a dynamic analysis, IT vendors run a program to make sure it functions properly.

Mobile app and digital marketing. The importance of digital marketing is hard to underestimate. Without proper SEO, website content, social media marketing, email marketing and advertising all united by a thorough strategy, any startup (no matter how brilliant your idea may seem!) is doomed. Mobile app marketing is crucial for your applications success, it may be something as brilliant as Uber or engaging as Angry Birds, but without proper app marketing it won’t be a hit or people’s love won’t last long enough. Fortunately, marketing tasks can be outsourced to an experienced vendor. Not sure where to find developers for startup companies? We recommend you visit Clutch – a platform that accumulates all IT vendors providing objective rankings based on their portfolios and client’s reviews.

Usability review. Positive user experience is the key success factor for any enterprise. Since it takes just 50 milliseconds to form an opinion about a website or application, web design and architecture become the powerful tools that either boost your sales or alienate users. There are several factors to consider while reviewing a website or an application, such as functionality, navigation, control and error management, consistency and visual clarity. The benefits of usability review outsourcing include lower costs (in comparison with usability testing), quick results and the opportunity to conduct the process at different stages of product development.

Offshore Web Development Extra Services and Benefits for Startups

Having carefully studied the cases, we defined top reasons for the startups’ disappointing performance and came up with several outsourcing solutions that might’ve saved those sinking ships.

Problem #1 – Wrong product, market or target audience.

4 out of 5 startups crafted tech solutions to non-existent problems and made little to none profit. The entrepreneurs should perform prior business analysis and find out the feasibility of the project. If you outsource this to the right app development company like Matrix Marketers , they will identify the initial demand for a product, facilitate development process and introduce organization changes essential for further growth.

Problem #2 – Lack of expertise in business and custom application development. Sometimes it is found that the project is demanding something else but due to lack of the skills the output comes out to be something else. Platform shift led to additional expenses, but failed to produce continuous effect. the entrepreneur should have contacted an offshore web company with a strong marketing team and vast expertise or a digital agency to conduct proper marketing research at the very early stages of business planning.

Problem #3 – Team issues.

20% of startup founders leave their projects; it’s not infrequent and, as a rule, doesn’t lead to immediate failure. However, the loss of an experienced founder might postpone further advancement. Small businesses that outsource app development and IT consulting quickly recover from a lineup change and do not rush business decisions.

Problem #4 – Bad coding.

The above-mentioned startups did not suffer serious coding issues, Due to various reasons the quality of some coders can be underwhelming. Unless you find reliable web developers to review code for your startup, the results outsourcing to Asia may vary.

The purpose of this article is by no means to discourage you. On the contrary, we would like to draw your attention to the most common startup challenges and provide answers to your questions. With limited funding and lack of team support, entrepreneurs are likely to make wrong investing decisions. Instead of hiring an in-house team and seeking answers to imaginary problems, you should address an IT outsourcing company and develop a win-win solution for your business.

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